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School Policies

Why Choose Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest High School has served the local community since 1976. We strive to develop academic, cultural and sporting excellence in all our students and to provide a holistic and caring environment that encourages respect for individual, spiritual and social values.

At Hillcrest High School your child is offered the opportunity to reach his/her full potential in a disciplined, progressive and stimulating environment.

High academic expectations are placed on our students. Their work is continuously evaluated throughout the year. A broad extra-curricular programme is offered and all students are required to participate in two activities per year.

A caring school environment ensures that students are happy and can find their niche in a large school.

The success of our school rests on these five corner stones :

High Academic Standards and Achievement

Competitive Sport

Cultural Development

Leadership Training and Development

Community Awareness


- Craig Girvin

Preparing Students For Life

2013 School Magazine

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